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About our Department

Our special education department in a continuation school provides support for students with disabilities who are working to complete their high school diplomas. Our students may have similar needs as those in traditional high schools, but the continuation school setting might require some adjustments in how services are delivered.

Here's a quick example of what we do as a department to service our students:

  • Evaluates Students: We assess students to determine if they qualify for special education services and develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to address their specific needs.
  • Provides Support: We provide resources for teachers, specialized instruction, or collaborating with general education teachers to modify curriculum and assignments.
  • Focuses on Graduation: We have a specific goal of getting students back on track to graduate. Special education services aim to help students with disabilities achieve this goal.
  • Collaboration: Our special education staff works closely with general education teachers, counselors, and social workers to ensure a well-rounded approach to supporting these students.

Continuation schools face unique challenges, so our department might have smaller staff sizes or less access to resources. However, our dedication remains the same: to ensure all students with disabilities have the opportunity to succeed and graduate.