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Student Responsibilities

In an effort to provide the highest quality instructional program, students attending the Alvord High School must agree to:


  • Attend school every day and on time.
  • Earn a minimum of 30 credits per quarter (administrator may set individual credit requirements)
  • Seek help from teacher if they do not understand the standards-based homework or classroom assignments.
  • Complete all standards-based homework and classroom assignments on time with my best efforts.
  • Respect and obey the school rules and classroom behavior expectations.
  • Develop a schedule to complete work outside of class.
  • Return any paper that requires a parent signature by the due date.
  • Display appropriate citizenship and behavior at all times on campus or at school events.
  • Respect the personal rights and personal property of others as well as cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.
  • Complete all district and state mandatory testing.