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Parent Responsibilities

The staff at the Alvord High School  have high expectations of themselves and of the students we serve school. In an effort to provide the highest quality instructional program to the students and to show how the school and family are working together to educate the students at the Alvord High School, parents must agree to:


  • Ensure that their student attends school every day and is on time.
  • Discuss with their student the importance of school attendance and learning standards.
  • Know the grade level standards their student is expected to learn.
  • Contact their students teacher/s when concerned about their students progress or have questions regarding the standards or assignments.
  • Understand that if their student is 18 years old, he or she must sign a release form before the staff can discuss their students educational progress including academics, attendance and behavior.
  • Set aside a specific time and provide a quiet place to do homework.
  • Look over homework and check for understanding.
  • Sign and return all papers that require a parent signature by the due date, including this compact.
  • Volunteer and/or become involved in ELAC, SSC and other activities when possible.
  • Participate in scheduled parent-teacher conferences.
  • Schedule appointments with the teacher to observe their student’s classroom when appropriate or necessary.
  • Know that I have access to my child’s grades and attendance through the Aeries Parent Portal available at
  • Frequently check status of student progress on Edgenuity assigned courses (provided by school site, see site staff)